African Map Elephant Pendant



Introducing the elegance of map elephant African Pendant to enhance the charm of your style and look. If you are a fan of African fashion and beauty, this gorgeous piece of jewelry accessory would be an excellent choice for you. 

Hanging on this chain, this map elephant pendant will appear quite spectacular. This three-colored African map pendant will instill terror in the hearts of your adversaries and will be a fantastic present for people who enjoy wearing African jewelry.

Key Features

  • The wooden material of this amazing map elephant African pendant is the main reason behind the unique looks and attraction. We strive to use top-quality wood for the manufacture of this special jewelry piece.

  • We don’t prefer unskilled and beginners to create our pendant designs, rather the map elephant African pendants are created under the observation of a professional workforce to make them flawless and high-quality pendants.

  • The three-colored map look is captivating and a source of the attraction of this map elephant African pendant. The beautiful combination of green, bright yellow, and red enhances the look and style of this pendant category.

  • The printed elephant inside the map gives the safari touch to this wooden pendant blending the natural beauty with African culture.

  • You can get this striking pendant at a very affordable price. The quality and durability of this pendant style will impress you with the passage of time. We make sure to convert our product into high quality to provide purchase satisfaction to the customers.

  • You can also use this map elephant African pendant for gifting purposes.

    So, don’t think much, call us to make an instant purchase and enjoy the beauty of this amazing pendant style!


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